Prior Grange is not just about hospitality. Various attractions on and around the farm will delight visitors.

Cricket Field

Cricket has been played in Springfontein since the turn of the previous century. In 1998 Blackie de Swardt decided to build a cricket field at Prior Grange. Today matches are hosted by the De Swardt family for the home matches of the Springfontein Cricket Club. The field is complete with turf wicket, grass outfield, sightscreens, scoreboard and clubhouse.


Springfontein has a rich Anglo Boer War History.  The Blockhouse at Prior Grange was restored on the site of an original Anglo Boer War blockhouse. Guests are welcome to visit it, and by appointment Blackie also takes guests on guided tours of the blockhouse and Anglo Boer War sites in Springfontein.

Blackie has documented the history of Springfontein during the Anglo Boer War in a book entitled “963 Days at The Junction”.

Anglo Boer War Museum

The museum at Prior Grange contains photographs, memorabilia and information concerning the Boer War. Tours of the Springfontein area can be arranged with Blackie regarding the activities during the war years. Visits include the site of the concentration camp, cemetery, blockhouse and children`s cemetery.

The Loft

No visit to Prior Grange is complete without a visit to The Loft. It houses a unique collection of books and memorabilia; making it ideal for pre-dinner drinks.

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